About Us

Born in 2020, the brand Primewolf has set a goal to motivate and inspire you as an athlete. As two brothers from Melbourne, we set a goal to present a top quality brand of both worlds, fitness and fashion. From just an idea we have strived to make this become a reality, With a good deal of research from the primewolf team we believe our activewear will fit all your needs.

We have great passion for premium active wear aswell as a vision for unique designs that not only feels good on, but also allows you to perform at your best. Every product on our shop has been designed for active life from scratch in order to achieve maximum performance in the gym.

The meaning behind our slogan 'Your prime is now' is everyone is capable in reaching their prime, so why wait when you can be the best version of yourself now.

It comes down to this if you keep saying "tomorrow" you'll run out of time.